Promotion is always a very pleasant experience. The employee feels that someone has finally appreciated him and noticed his potential to perform more responsible tasks. Most of us associate a promotion with an increase in salary, but this is not always the case. It is quite common for an employer to offer a subordinate a promotion without a raise. Absurd? Not completely. Find out the reasons for making such an offer.

Evaluation? In sequence!

The increase, even symbolic, is another burden for the company’s budget. It is easier to give it than to take it back later. If the employee does not perform well in a given position, the proposal to return to the previous salary may lead him to submit a termination notice. That is why employers do not want to take risks more and more often.

According to this scheme, an employee may receive a promotion proposal with the information that he will be able to count on a higher salary only after a few months – when he confirms his usefulness and meets the challenge. This is a fair approach as long as both sides have set a cut-off date for the trial period in advance. It cannot be that you will work hard in a more responsible position for months, and the announced raise will be just a meaningless promise.


It is necessary to agree with your supervisor the system of evaluation of your work in a new position, on the basis of which you will be able to determine whether you deserve a raise.


Fill up on … prestige

It cannot be denied that some companies use quite tricky policies towards their employees. The promotion proposal is intended to satisfy the ambitions of team members and discourage them from leaving the company. It works, of course. If your boss offers you a higher position (even without a better salary), you will feel honored and forget about the meager pay for a while.

This tactic, however, has short legs. The employee has more responsibilities, but the salary stagnates, which will soon lead to an explosion of frustration. So do not accept a promotion without a clear date for your pay rise. It cannot be that you took the position of someone who earned much better than you and are now doing the same job for a lower salary.

Sham promotion

Sometimes an employee is offered a promotion not in recognition of their merits to the company, but only because of a staff shortage. If a company loses a specialist and at the same time does not have the resources to hire someone new, it uses up-to-date human resources. In such a situation, promotion does not have to be associated with a raise.

Be very careful with such offers, because it may turn out that overnight you will have a lot of responsibilities for which no one will give you additional remuneration. You will feel burned out in no time and forget about dubious honor.


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