In the era of very low unemployment, jobseekers can choose between offers. Sometimes, however, ambitious people have a big problem with finding a job in a dream position. In such a situation, an interesting solution may be to decide on a professional internship. This form is not very popular, which is a pity, because both companies and employees can benefit from it. When is it worth going for an internship? Here are some common cases.

Low or no professional experience

An internship is a very good option for people who are just entering the labor market, and especially for students. Obviously, completing an internship does not guarantee large financial profits, but it is much more important to establish first contacts in the industry and learn about its specifics.

Even if the internship does not end with signing a contract for an indefinite period, the experience gained will certainly be a strong bargaining chip in the further search for an employer.

The company does not recruit

If you dream about taking up a job in a specific company, but you know that it is not currently recruiting, offer an internship cooperation. It can even be volunteering – after all, it’s more important for you to get attention and make a good impression.

Such an internship may last 2 weeks, a month, or even a little longer. Grit your teeth and do the best you can. There is a good chance that your efforts will be appreciated, which will result in a job offer to you.

Making CV more attractive

A professional internship, even for free, is a very good option for people who have nothing to boast of in their CV. If you can’t enter anything specific under “work experience”, it will be difficult for you to get your dream job. Then it will be a better idea to go on an internship related to your competences and interests than to take up just any job.

Of course, there is one condition: you have something to live on and another month without income will not ruin your economic situation.

If, on the other hand, you cannot afford to work for free, ask about internship offers at the poviat labor office – you may be able to get a grant for an employer who would be interested in accepting you for a paid internship.


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