Changing your job is always a very serious decision that will definitely have a big impact on your future life. It should not be taken lightly. If you feel that you are choking in your current company and need new challenges, then of course prepare yourself the ground to leave. However, don’t do this if you are in one of these situations.

You come back after maternity leave.

It is a terrible time to change jobs. For the last year you have been outside the company, had no contact with the labor market and you just need time to re-enter your professional rhythm. Women who are shortly after maternity leave are not attractive workers. Employers are well aware of the risks: permanent leave for a sick child, requests to leave early, the risk that an employee decides to take a parental leave, etc.

So better stick to a certain position, gain new competences, arrange your life in such a way that parental matters did not interfere with your career, and only then think about a change.

You have had a bad period in the company.

For many employers, an employee is as good as his recent achievements. Nobody will notice that you’ve managed to do something great in the past if you’ve been failing for several months. In such a situation, it is really worth staying in the current company and fighting to strengthen your position on the market. Take part in an important project that will end in success. You will gain a strong bargaining chip in discussions with potential employers.


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You are in poorThis is also a situation in which the proverb that a better sparrow in a handful than a pigeon on the roof works well. If you have health problems, you need a solid professional foundation, that is, a job. It will provide you with economic security. Your new employer may not be that understanding.

Remember that the frequent presentation of sick leaves may result in the termination of the employment contract. So, first, fight to regain your health, and only then think about changing your job.

You do not have competences that are in demand on the market.

Perhaps you are a specialist in a narrow field and this is appreciated at your current job. If the salary is not bad and the atmosphere in the team is good, changing it is not the best idea. In another company, they may quickly find that you are not doing well or not matching characterologically to the rest of the team. It will end up in problems. To change something, you need to acquire new competences that will give you more opportunities on the labor market.

So remember not to leave the company for any reason and without a thorough analysis of the benefits and possible losses. It is easy to submit a dismissal, but it is much more difficult to cope with the very demanding labor market.


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