SEO efforts are a must these days. Any company that wants to be successful online must implement optimization strategies on its website. Usually, professional SEO agencies are hired for this purpose. Thanks to them, the whole process is much easier.

The basic step is to conduct an audit. What is it and how to go about it?

What does an SEO audit look like?

The SEO audit examines the website in terms of the requirements and guidelines of Google algorithms. The agency that conducts it focuses on three aspects:

  1. SERP
  2. search results page
  3. content.

Based on the analysis of these elements, a document is generated containing tips on the appropriate SEO strategy.

A properly conducted SEO audit should include a thorough analysis of the situation in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). ? For this purpose, it is best to use online tools such as Google Analytics, Semstorm, Google Search Console, Majestic and Senuto? – advises an expert from theagency in Warsaw MiroMind.

Thanks to them, the customer will receive a thorough analysis of user behavior on the website, incoming links, the accuracy of key phrases or visibility and readability in Google. The generated reports will also provide information about website issues and alerts.

The next step is to examine the page in the search results. It’s mainly about adjusting the meta tags to be friendly to indexing robots, but also to the users themselves. The agency must control this chaos using the available tools. The server itself is also important, as is how the website works on it and what is its vicinity.

The final stage of the audit is the internal analysis of the website, which focuses on its substantive and visual content. The content should include keyword phrases with appropriate density, headers (H1-H6), internal linking, and the URL should be unique (preferably containing the keyword phrase).

Benefits of the audit A

correctly conducted SEO audit has a positive effect on the visibility of the website in the search engine, even without positioning. Thanks to it, the company has a better chance of being successful through greater recognition and, consequently, an increase in the number of customers. But how does an SEO audit affect individual aspects?


UX – User Experience

The introduction of changes included in the report has a positive effect on the user experience visiting the website. UX focuses not only on the visual elements of the website, such as headings, title, descriptions, crumbs, but also on loading speed and responsiveness (mobile version).


Increased traffic on the site The

correct implementation of optimization measures affects traffic from organic search results. Even without introducing positioning strategies, the domain will be visited by more people, and the increase will be constant.


CTR – Click Through RateClick Through

For Increase?? websites are influenced by structural data, i.e. the above-mentioned UX elements. When a domain is SEO friendly and has user-readable information, your CTR increases.

When to do the audit?

There are some ideal times to conduct an audit, not only at the beginning of the website’s existence. One of them is improving its visibility due to competition.

It may happen that some time after implementing the SEO strategy, your website will appear lower than before because another company has made changes to its website. Then it is worth re-auditing and checking if something can be improved.

Refreshing the website after 2-3 years of existence is also a good time for an SEO audit. Algorithms are constantly changing, so customers should be aware that once introduced changes will not bring benefits for several years.

Changing the SEO agency and putting the site under the care of new experts requires re-analysis of the site. In this way, the agency will learn about the changes made so far and will be able to define new optimization goals.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

The total cost of the audit depends on the size of the website, which has a direct impact on the workload of an SEO expert. The popularity of the brand is also important. Specialists will surely be priced much more expensive when optimizing a website owned by a large company than the website of a local boutique.

However, it can be assumed that you will have to pay an average of PLN 500-600 for a standard website on which the agency will spend from 10 to 20 hours.

There is no sense in implementing optimization strategies without conducting an SEO audit. It’s a bit like prescribing a patient’s prescription without testing it first. Actions? Blindly? they will only harm the site, therefore its analysis is essential to improve visibility in search engines.


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