Personal and professional development is a basic human need in the so-called the power of age. Too often, however, we equate it only with young people who are on their way. In fact, experienced employees should also take care of their development, because you never know when, for example, you will need to change industries. If your current job does not create conditions for your development, then you should think about changing it. This is evidenced by several signalsthat are listed in our guide.

You are mercilessly bored.

Boredom is always one of the signals that you are lingering in a given job. If you do exactly the same every day and the execution of orders has ceased to provide you with even a little fun, you can also forget about any development. Do you start your day by looking at your watch and wondering when will the lunch break? For the sake of your career and mental health, slowly prepare to depart from this port.

You don’t ask about training.

Remember how, at the beginning of your adventure with this company, you kept drilling a hole in your stomach for your superiors to finance training for employees? Have you applied to participate in all conferences and meetings with important clients, just to gain valuable knowledge and increase your competences?

If you are not completely interested in it today, do not expect to develop in your current job. Most likely, you have fallen into apathy and present a “sloppy” attitude, which greatly weakens your position in the company.


You perform your duties like an automaton.

Routine kills motivation – this is a typical problem faced by people employed in one company for many years. Most often, it is the effect of burnout, which may be because you’ve been too active at work in the past. If this is not the case now and your only goal is to receive your payouts on time, then none of it will be in the long run. You can, of course, “vegetate” until retirement, but it is more likely that the company will thank you earlier for your cooperation.

You’re lagging behind

If you meet industry colleagues in other companies and more and more often don’t understand what they’re actually talking about, it reliably shows that you have stopped growing. The current company does not create the conditions for you to rise to the heights of professional motivation. So you gradually fall behind and in time it will turn out that your skills and level of knowledge are insufficient to make a career in a given industry.

Did you recognize any of these signals? Then seriously consider the option of changing jobs, even if the current one is stable and quite well paid. Otherwise, you will fall into even greater apathy, which could even result in loss of employment. It will be better if you decide about your professional future.


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