In the era of the coronavirus epidemic, many companies have decided to switch to remote work. It is worth remembering then about appropriate IT support.

Home office, i.e. remote work, allows you to carry out duties from home. Employees then perform their work on computers, connecting with the enterprise, sending relevant documents to it, as well as using the company’s software. In such a situation, proper IT service becomes more important and becomes the basis for maintaining the operational continuity of the company.

What exactly is IT service aimed at business? What solutions does it offer? What importance does it have in the context of remote work?

IT service for companies
The concept of IT service refers to comprehensive activities that focus on the correct operation of the IT infrastructure. In other words, it is IT care, which includes a wide range of services aimed at the proper functioning of the IT area in the company.

IT support can be provided by your own IT department employee, but such a solution is usually too expensive for companies in the SME sector, i.e. micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. That is why outsourcing of IT services is the most frequently chosen one, which allows you to gain access to professional, comprehensive services at affordable prices.

IT outsourcing covers a full range of services that allow the company to focus on its activities. The IT area is then handled by an external company with appropriate knowledge, experience and extensive facilities in this field.

As part of the IT service, the following are available, among others:

creating and managing IT networks
management – server administration
management of IT resources, including databases and devices
implementation and integration of business software
care for security – backups, protection against viruses and attacks
help with problems with computer systems and software
computer hardware service
professional IT consulting
staff training
Of course, IT services for companies also include other types of activities, the scope of which can be tailored individually to the needs of a given company.