Until recently, we associated the promotion of the company with young people handing us a leaflet, possibly with posters of various sizes. Currently, many entrepreneurs are wondering whether it is worth investing in traditional leaflets or posters, while we have advertisements on social media platforms and internet marketing.

Many people wonder about the environmental impact of printing this type of material. Although it might seem that printed promotional materials will soon be replaced by digital advertising, many companies are still opting for this traditional way of self-promotion. It turns out that this is the right decision! Printed promotional materials have many advantages that their online counterparts lack. Currently, it is possible to print on recycled paper, which helps to protect the environment and enjoy the effects of paper marketing.

It is commonly believed that everyone now has access to the Internet. This statement is more and more consistent with reality, but there is still a very large group of people who use the Internet sporadically, or even not at all. It usually includes the elderly. By limiting our promotional campaigns to online advertising only, we cut ourselves off from potential clients in the senior group who value materials that can be always at hand, hidden “for later” or given to someone close who would be interested in using the service. Leaflets or announcements, especially interestingly designed ones, can attract attention regardless of whether someone uses the Internet or not.

Customer’s attention

Printed promotional materials are not only colored text – it is also a variety of paper textures, freedom in choosing the size, thickness and texture. The person to whom the leaflet is handed over has the possibility to interact with the advertisement, which is a bit more binding than in the case of an Internet advertisement, on which we click both to close it or go to its content. We usually fold the paper leaflet we are interested in and hide it in our pocket or wallet. The one that we do not like most often ends up in the basket. However, before we make a decision, we read its content with curiosity. Paper material can guarantee the customer’s attention, which would not be attracted by a flat banner on the website.

Greater scope for showing off The

promotion of a company in the form of leaflet distribution involves not only handing over a piece of paper to a potential customer, but also interpersonal contact, often exchanging a few words. A small gift or a gadget can be attached to the paper promotional material – it can be a candy, a fragrance sample or a discount coupon, which will additionally encourage you to use the service. There are many options, and the end result will be tangible, which is impossible to achieve in the case of internet advertising. The situation is similar when handing over business cards. Usually, it is preceded by a conversation that may have a positive impact on the perception of our business, which may translate into the potential customer’s willingness to use the products or services we offer. Moreover, a business card has always been associated with professionalism.

Local publicity

A paper promotion in the form of posters and banners is a great way to get publicity in your area. Interestingly made visual materials can greatly improve the recognition of the company in a smaller, local group. This is of great importance for building the image of the business. The customer can easily associate the service with a banner or poster. Importantly, this type of material can be placed in places often frequented by potential buyers of our services – this can contribute to increasing sales. A poster placed in the right place can be remembered by the client, which will make him contact our company – the “poster company” when he needs a given service.

While it might seem that online advertising will dominate paper-based promotional materials for good, there are many aspects where they fall short of it. An entrepreneur whose goal is to reach the largest possible audience should not give up printed marketing. It’s a way to get the attention of a potential customer more directly, persistently and creatively.


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