When is it worth deciding on a professional internship?



In the era of very low unemployment, jobseekers can choose between offers. Sometimes, however, ambitious people have a big problem with finding a job in a dream position. In such a situation, an interesting solution may be to decide on a professional internship. This form is not very popular, which is a pity, because both companies and employees can benefit from it. When is it worth going for an internship? Here are some common cases.

Low or no professional experience

An internship is a very good option for people who are just entering the labor market, and especially for students. Obviously, completing an internship does not guarantee large financial profits, but it is much more important to establish first contacts in the industry and learn about its specifics.

Even if the internship does not end with signing a contract for an indefinite period, the experience gained will certainly be a strong bargaining chip in the further search for an employer.

The company does not recruit

If you dream about taking up a job in a specific company, but you know that it is not currently recruiting, offer an internship cooperation. It can even be volunteering – after all, it’s more important for you to get attention and make a good impression.

Such an internship may last 2 weeks, a month, or even a little longer. Grit your teeth and do the best you can. There is a good chance that your efforts will be appreciated, which will result in a job offer to you.

Making CV more attractive

A professional internship, even for free, is a very good option for people who have nothing to boast of in their CV. If you can’t enter anything specific under “work experience”, it will be difficult for you to get your dream job. Then it will be a better idea to go on an internship related to your competences and interests than to take up just any job.

Of course, there is one condition: you have something to live on and another month without income will not ruin your economic situation.

If, on the other hand, you cannot afford to work for free, ask about internship offers at the poviat labor office – you may be able to get a grant for an employer who would be interested in accepting you for a paid internship.


When is it not worth changing jobs? Get to know classic situations



Changing your job is always a very serious decision that will definitely have a big impact on your future life. It should not be taken lightly. If you feel that you are choking in your current company and need new challenges, then of course prepare yourself the ground to leave. However, don’t do this if you are in one of these situations.

You come back after maternity leave.

It is a terrible time to change jobs. For the last year you have been outside the company, had no contact with the labor market and you just need time to re-enter your professional rhythm. Women who are shortly after maternity leave are not attractive workers. Employers are well aware of the risks: permanent leave for a sick child, requests to leave early, the risk that an employee decides to take a parental leave, etc.

So better stick to a certain position, gain new competences, arrange your life in such a way that parental matters did not interfere with your career, and only then think about a change.

You have had a bad period in the company.

For many employers, an employee is as good as his recent achievements. Nobody will notice that you’ve managed to do something great in the past if you’ve been failing for several months. In such a situation, it is really worth staying in the current company and fighting to strengthen your position on the market. Take part in an important project that will end in success. You will gain a strong bargaining chip in discussions with potential employers.


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You are in poorThis is also a situation in which the proverb that a better sparrow in a handful than a pigeon on the roof works well. If you have health problems, you need a solid professional foundation, that is, a job. It will provide you with economic security. Your new employer may not be that understanding.

Remember that the frequent presentation of sick leaves may result in the termination of the employment contract. So, first, fight to regain your health, and only then think about changing your job.

You do not have competences that are in demand on the market.

Perhaps you are a specialist in a narrow field and this is appreciated at your current job. If the salary is not bad and the atmosphere in the team is good, changing it is not the best idea. In another company, they may quickly find that you are not doing well or not matching characterologically to the rest of the team. It will end up in problems. To change something, you need to acquire new competences that will give you more opportunities on the labor market.

So remember not to leave the company for any reason and without a thorough analysis of the benefits and possible losses. It is easy to submit a dismissal, but it is much more difficult to cope with the very demanding labor market.


These signals prove that you are no longer developing in your current job.


Personal and professional development is a basic human need in the so-called the power of age. Too often, however, we equate it only with young people who are on their way. In fact, experienced employees should also take care of their development, because you never know when, for example, you will need to change industries. If your current job does not create conditions for your development, then you should think about changing it. This is evidenced by several signalsthat are listed in our guide.

You are mercilessly bored.

Boredom is always one of the signals that you are lingering in a given job. If you do exactly the same every day and the execution of orders has ceased to provide you with even a little fun, you can also forget about any development. Do you start your day by looking at your watch and wondering when will the lunch break? For the sake of your career and mental health, slowly prepare to depart from this port.

You don’t ask about training.

Remember how, at the beginning of your adventure with this company, you kept drilling a hole in your stomach for your superiors to finance training for employees? Have you applied to participate in all conferences and meetings with important clients, just to gain valuable knowledge and increase your competences?

If you are not completely interested in it today, do not expect to develop in your current job. Most likely, you have fallen into apathy and present a “sloppy” attitude, which greatly weakens your position in the company.


You perform your duties like an automaton.

Routine kills motivation – this is a typical problem faced by people employed in one company for many years. Most often, it is the effect of burnout, which may be because you’ve been too active at work in the past. If this is not the case now and your only goal is to receive your payouts on time, then none of it will be in the long run. You can, of course, “vegetate” until retirement, but it is more likely that the company will thank you earlier for your cooperation.

You’re lagging behind

If you meet industry colleagues in other companies and more and more often don’t understand what they’re actually talking about, it reliably shows that you have stopped growing. The current company does not create the conditions for you to rise to the heights of professional motivation. So you gradually fall behind and in time it will turn out that your skills and level of knowledge are insufficient to make a career in a given industry.

Did you recognize any of these signals? Then seriously consider the option of changing jobs, even if the current one is stable and quite well paid. Otherwise, you will fall into even greater apathy, which could even result in loss of employment. It will be better if you decide about your professional future.


Features that will significantly increase your chances of promotion


Receiving a promotion proposal is the crowning achievement of the employee’s career so far and a clear confirmation of his competences. However, diligence alone is not always enough. When selecting people to be promoted, business owners take into account a number of other features that, in their opinion, may be useful in a higher position. Which are particularly important? You can find out from our guide.


As a rule, promotion is associated with greater responsibility, and often also leading the team. In such a position, skills and leadership qualities are required, and one of them is assertiveness. Paradoxically, employees who do not give way to themselves, have their own opinions and are able to argue them in a factual way, are more valued by employers and have a better chance of being promoted.

Natural need to learn

If the employer sees that the employee does not treat his duties routinely, but tries to improve his own skills, also after working hours, sooner or later he will be offered a promotion. Why? If only for this reason, so as not to lose it and not risk that the employee will sooner be appreciated by a competing company.

Understanding the company’s philosophy

A promotion proposal will always be offered to an employee who is very involved in the company’s affairs and is able to act in its favor. At the same time, he must understand what the company’s values ​​are, show them in, for example, contacts with customers. People who play under themselves, soloists, are not natural candidates for promotion.


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Showing initiative

An employee who has been sitting at his desk throughout his career and humbly fulfills all orders, but has to be pointed at everything, will certainly not receive a promotion offer. On the other hand, people who are creative, ambitious, ahead of the curve, with ideas for the development of the company, can confidently climb up and assume increasingly responsible positions.

Ability to learn from mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone can learn from their mistakes. If the boss sees that an employee has such a skill, he will gradually develop more confidence in him, which will eventually result in a promotion proposal.

Good functioning in the team

A key feature, because promotion is always associated with the need to establish closer contacts with a larger number of people, including decision-makers. An employee who functions well in a team is not conflicting and can climb the career ladder much faster.


What is Selena Gomez real phone number 2020

Although it has long been known that phone number Hadid is pregnant, only now the model showed how she looks in a blessed state. A beautiful session with an American model has hit the network.

Months passed and phone number Hadid kept her condition a secret. When everything was released and the model’s fans found out that the American would become a mother, they wanted to see what their idol looks like now. Unfortunately, the catwalk star decided not to show her new state, admitted later that there are more important things in the world than her pregnancy. Today we can finally see the latest photos of Hadid. They are beautiful!

What is Selena Gomez real phone number 2020

phone number Hadid showed her pregnancy belly! The model revealed a beautiful pregnancy session. The photos are amazing
Pregnancy sessions are very popular among expectant mothers, and phone number Hadid also decided to take photos of this type. Black and white photos are amazing. Full of class and showing the beauty of phone number as a mom-to-be. The duo Luigi & Lango and Gabriella Karefa-Johnson are responsible for the staff, and the make-up is the work of Erin Parsons, makeup artist of the Maybelline brand.

Recall that Hadid’s father is Zayn. In February 2020, on Valentine’s Day to be precise, phone number admitted that she was meeting the singer again. Their relationship (with breaks) has been going on for several years. phone number and Zayn have been officially together since November 2015 and during that time they starred together in the music video “Pillowtalk” promoting Malik’s solo album. In mid-April 2018, the American and the singer two years older wrote on their social channels that they had decided to end this relationship. Three months later, however, the couple returned to each other and … parted again to establish a relationship at the turn of 2019 and 2020.

What is Selena Gomez real phone number 2020

selena gomez will become a mother. Julia Kuczyńska confirmed the rumors about pregnancy
At the beginning of May, one of the leading gossip websites informed selena gomez about the pregnancy. However, both the blogger and co-owner of the Eppram brand and her fiancé, actor Sebastian Fabijański, did not comment on the reports at the time. For the next months, they avoided the topic, despite the piling up comments, and stayed away from media coverage. At that time, the “proven sources” cited by the websites revealed that Kuczyńska is additionally under constant medical supervision due to hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, with which she has been struggling for many years: “Julia is under constant medical supervision, because pregnancy combined with a disease with which she has been fighting for many years makes the situation very delicate. “Now, however, selena gomez has decided to share this joyful news with her fans and confirmed that she is pregnant. On her Instagram, she published a beautiful and subtle black and white photo, in which she poses in lingerie with a visible pregnancy belly. She did not add any comment to the photo, she only marked her lover – Sebastian Fabijański. Let us remind you that selena gomez and Fabijański were first seen together in November 2019. A month later, the couple got engaged, and in one of the interviews the blogger said that she was ready to start a family. In the photo session accompanying him, she showed the engagement ring.

What is Ariana Grande real phone number 2020

The American and British media report that Brad Pitt may be in love again. Evidence? Pictures with a model. As it turns out, this is not a short flirtation, this relationship has been going on for several months! Who is Ariana Grande?

This is not a rumor drawn from the finger! It turns out that when the media connected the famous actor with other women, Brad Pitt was quietly dating a model. After months of dating, the first photos of the couple hit the network!

What is Ariana Grande real phone number 2020

Brad Pitt in love? His new partner is almost 30 years younger!
It is about a German model who accompanied Brad during his trip to the south of France. The paparazzi managed to take a few shots of the pair. A few hours later, American gossip sites said that 27-year-old Ariana Grande must know Pitt as early as November last year. They were both seen at Kanye West’s performance at the Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles). Page Six quotes an anonymous source: “They hang out and have fun together on vacation.” What else do we know about the new beloved of 56-year-old Brad Pitt?

Who is Ariana Grande, Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend?
As already mentioned, Poturalski has a career in modeling. It is represented by the German agency A Management (the portfolio also includes Monika Jagaciak, Natalia Siódmiak, Eniko Mihalik) and Next Management in Los Angeles. cover at ELLE Germany, beauty session at Harper’s Bazaar (Romanian edition) and campaign for the Triangl swimsuit brand. She is 178 cm tall and is watched by over 138 thousand. people on instagram. The Daily Mail reports that the model knows five languages ​​and has been working in the fashion world for 10 years.

Some Internet users have found that Nicole is similar to the previous partner of the American, Angelina Jolie. Do you think so too?

Katy Perry was born! The couple welcomed their daughter, and the proud dad, Orlando Bloom, presented the first photo of the girl on Instagram.

The whole world congratulates them! Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom became the proud parents of a little girl. The fact that the music star is expecting a daughter has been known for several months, when the artist in April posted a photo of her fiancé with the caption “it’s a girl”. Today we know what names the girl got.

What is Ariana Grande real phone number 2020

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom became parents! We know the name of the baby, and the actor showed the first photo of the newborn
The UNICEF organization, whose ambassadors are the American and Orlando Bloom, wrote on her Twitter account that Katy Perry was born. From the entry, we can learn that the couple’s daughter was named Daisy Dove. The photo shows the baby’s tiny hand and the hands of proud parents who thank them for their words of love and ask for the support of an organization that aims to support phone numberren and mothers-to-be.

This is Katy Perry’s first phone number and Orlando Bloom’s second. The actor already has a son from a previous marriage with Miranda Kerr. It is about Fylnn Christopher Bloom, born in 2011. The information about the pregnancy was revealed by the artist in March this year, when Katy’s new video for the song “Never Worn White” hit the network. At the end of the video, we could see the star’s pregnancy belly!

This is not the only good news for Katy Perry fans. On August 28, her new album “Smile” will be available for sale! The star itself probably did not expect such a perfect timing. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom started dating in 2016, but split up a year later. The reason was the lack of commitment on the part of the actor. However, the stars recovered in January 2018, and the engagement took place on February 14, 2019.

In an interview with Capital FM in June 2019, the singer finally talked about her engagement to the actor. “It was on Valentine’s Day and I remember having to work all day – so we only met at dinner in an Italian restaurant. I get there and I see that Orlando is fresh shaven, he doesn’t have his tennis shoes … I thought to myself then: ‘Aha, something happens!'”. After eating, the couple got into the helicopter, and that’s where Orlando Bloom asked Katy Perry to marry him. “Then we landed on the same building, went downstairs, and the restaurant had the whole family, friends and more flowers than I had seen in my life” – added the celebrity.

It will be the second marriage for both of them. Katy Perry married Russell Brand in 2010, but the relationship lasted less than a year. Orlando Bloom was married to a famous model from 2010 to 2013.

How to set up a used clothing store? 5 valuable tips for starting a business

Stores selling second-hand clothes have a large number of regular customers. The reason for this is the possibility of buying very bargain-priced clothes, as well as finding original items of clothing that cannot be bought anywhere else.

No wonder many entrepreneurs want to open their own second-hand clothing store. Here are some tips you might find helpful.

Good location

One of the most important issues when setting up a second hand shop is finding the right location. It is worth finding out where used clothing has a chance to find buyers. They are often premises in large housing estates, in city centers or near points where large groups of people often visit (such as a market, arcade, shopping mall, railway station, etc.).

The room

The premises itself is also important – the used clothing store must have an appropriate size, adapted to the quantity of goods and customers as well as the entrepreneur’s financial capabilities. You also need to take care of its equipment – it is necessary to buy shelves, hangers, mirrors, decorative elements, as well as a sign and a banner. Second-hand clothing, which is only sold online, is a separate issue. An online store is definitely a lower cost, but you have to remember about the need for storage space.


Advice on setting up a second-hand clothes store cannot ignore formal issues. First of all, it is necessary to register a business in the Commune Office by completing the CEIDG application. The entrepreneur must indicate the relevant PKD related to retail sales (in this case it is 47.71.Z and 47.91.Z) and decide on the most favorable form of taxation. It is also necessary to report to ZUS. A good solution is to cooperate with an accountant or an accounting office who will provide guidance and help in settlements and keeping company records.


Speaking of formalities, one should mention the possibility of receiving EU subsidies or subsidies from the Labor Office for opening a shop. Many entrepreneurs use this option – the obtained money often covers almost the entire cost of starting a business. Each PA has its own rules for granting this type of funding, so it’s best to check this information in the selected institution or on its website.

Used clothes – but what?

When setting up a second hand, you should think about the type of assortment, choosing one that will attract customers. Most of the so-called second hand shops sell clothes from England, Italy, France and Germany. It is also necessary to choose between unsorted and segregated clothes. The second option, although more expensive, seems to be much more advantageous, safer, and does not require any permits. Purchase of sorted goods means receiving disinfected batches of clothes, the condition and quality of which is maintained at an appropriate level. In the case of the so-called unsorted, you can find ordinary waste that will only be suitable for the trash, which means financial losses for the store owner.



How to organize cargo air transport?

Freight air transport is not very popular in Poland. It may be influenced by the high cost of the service or insufficiently developed infrastructure. Nevertheless, for some companies it is the only option for transporting goods, especially those with large dimensions. So how to organize such air transport? What do you need to know about it?

Freighttransport airin Poland

In Poland, unfortunately, air cargo transport is not as popular as, for example, road transport. The costs associated with organizing such transport may have the greatest impact on this. Moreover, not all Polish airports handle cargo transport. Most of these services are provided in Warsaw, followed by Katowice, Gdańsk and Wrocław. According to the information provided by the company dealing with air cargo transport in Poland  Okęcie handles as much as 70% of air shipments because it is best prepared for this infrastructure.

Air cargo transport – why is it not popular?

Costs can be listed first. Transported goods usually do not fly in both directions, as is the case with passenger air transport. For this reason, companies try to transport something also on the way back, so as not to be a loss on the entire route or at least some part of it. Another reason is the lack of a developed airport infrastructure. The aprons are small, many airports are not adapted to handle such transport, hence the low popularity of such transport.

How to organize cargo air transport?

Organizing transport, especially air cargo, is not easy and it is better to entrust this task to specialists who already have many years of experience in this type of service. Organizing such transport involves many activities related to documenting, securing goods, delivering them to the airport or collecting them from the airport, it is also necessary to clear transit customs and a number of other matters. People who do not have knowledge about the organization of air transport, it would be better to choose a professional company.

How to choose a cargo air transport company?

First of all, you need to look for companies with a global reach, such that transport goods with all possible global lines. The most important thing is that they should have experience in this and be able to organize such transport from beginning to end. Companies dealing with air cargo transport most often operate on a door-to-door basis, i.e. they collect goods from the sender’s door and transport them to the recipient’s address. It is important that a given order is supervised by a specific employee who will make sure that everything goes according to plan. Transport companies offer storage, packaging, warehouse services at airports, organizing documentation, handling import clearance, consolidating shipments, etc. It is worth paying attention to whether a given company also offers Cargo insurance for the duration of transport, because you never know what may happen when transporting goods.


Generating B2B leads

Generating leads allows you to save time and resources of the seller. A well-prepared database of leads is a guarantee of effective use of time and avoiding idle meetings with uninterested people. You can organize the campaign on your own or use the services of a company dealing in acquiring leads for your clients. Below we have prepared some important information related to this matter for you.

What is a lead

Contrary to appearances, a so-called lead is not just a specific person or company. In general, it is a set of information about the company, person and business situation indicating that in a company that meets the conditions of the target group, there are favorable conditions to start selling. The details will depend on the given company and product or service. Proper definition of a lead is not easy and should be a key element of cooperation between marketing and sales departments.

The purpose of acquiring leads

In short, generating sales leads is aimed at maximizing sales efficiency. This is due to the identification of future customers and estimating their readiness to buy. This allows you to limit or even eliminate meetings with people who are not interested in the offered service or product, and thus significantly save time.

How to generate leads

Basically, the entire process of obtaining leads can be reduced to four steps, you can go through them yourself, or outsource activities to a trusted company:

Defining the lead

The most important stage of creating leads. Their quality largely depends on a good definition – they cannot be too general, and certainly not all contacts can be considered as leads. The components of a good definition should be:

  • demographic definition of the company (e.g. industry, turnover, employment, etc.)
  • demographic definition of a person (e.g. employment department, position, scope of responsibility, etc.)
  • definition of personal situation (i.e. personal emotions and motivations that influence on making a purchase decision)
  • definition of a business situation (i.e. a situation in which a company or a specific person finds itself, which makes it an ideal potential customer).

Gathering the information

The marketing campaign ultimately leads to the moment when an anonymous potential customer is asked to disclose his data. This is where the term lead generation or lead conversion applies, and is crucial in a B2B campaign. And here a fundamental question arises – why would anyone reveal their data? The answer is relatively simple – you get something of value in return. It can be, for example, a product sample, conference entry, access to an interesting publication or simply a newsletter subscription. The ways are really different, but the most important thing is for the potential client to feel that he will receive something really valuable and to build trust that results in consent to the disclosure of data. The latter is particularly important in the light of the law, because after the introduction of the GDPR, personal data cannot be processed without the appropriate consent of the person concerned. It is important not to limit yourself to just demographic data – after all, this is only one element of the lead definition. Content marketing plays a key role in this step.

Comparing the collected information with the lead definition A

simple matter – this step includes the decision whether, in the light of the collected data and the previously established definition, the potential lead is really the one we are looking for. This stage is known as lead qualification.

Marking and passing on a lead

Once verified, the lead information (along with all the information that may be important related to the interaction with the contact or data collected about the contact) is usually passed to the appropriate sales person. It is also good to mark this fact appropriately in the database so that you can use this information for further marketing activities or as a basis for determining ROI marketing.

However, it must be remembered that generating leads cannot become the sole target of marketing. The whole idea of ​​generating leads is to create ideal sales conditions for salespeople, which is why the overriding goal is always to provide leads of the right quality and quantity, and not to overwhelm an avalanche of data that no one can get through.

We already have theoretical foundations, it’s time to use a few examples of ways to generate sales leads.

Cold mailing

Not very effective method in common opinion. The automation of this process is to blame for this state of affairs – let’s face it, most people will treat automatically generated e-mail as spam. A well-structured, cool e-mail should refer to e.g. an interview, actual needs and not treat the other person only as a lead. Yes, it is more time consuming than simply generating a formula like “Are you interested in xxx because it’s fashionable now”, but it gives you a much better chance for any feedback.

Purchasing a contact list

Actually the easiest way, which is to purchase a list (usually e-mail) of contacts to companies in a given industry. However, it has several major drawbacks. First, it is quite an expensive solution. Secondly, in such a case it is difficult to determine their quality and timeliness. And the icing on the cake – such lists can contain Spam Traps, or “empty e-mail addresses”, which, after sending the campaign, will mark it in various tools as spam, which will actually bury the chances of its success.

Content marketing

Currently, it is probably the most effective method of generating valuable leads. Generally speaking, it is about acquiring leads through specific content, access to which may, for example, require an email. The high quality of the content is very important – no one will leave a contact with something created on your knee during the lunch break. This method is very broad and includes, among others:

  • company blogs – an extensive blogpost that thoroughly exhausts a given topic is a great way to get valuable leads. If a text solves a person’s problem, they will no doubt read it, like it, share it, and become a subscriber, even if it was long. Post new content regularly to maintain interest. You can experiment a lot here: subscribing to the newsletter after reading the article, pop-ups, subscribing to the newsletter on the right side, etc. It is important not to irritate the reader with the subscription (e.g. a form that is large for the whole screen, which cannot be closed), or requires from him, giving in return poor content of
  • his own medium – for example, a portal, e-magazine or even a YouTube channel. As in the case of blogs, the quality of the content offered is of key importance here. It does not necessarily have to sell services, but it can also target other lead generators, such as courses,
  • courses – actually a reliable source of valuable leads. Everyone enrolling in a course is interested in a given topic and may be interested in other services offered by a given company. When organizing courses, partners and media are important which can provide a larger audience.

Why is it worth It?

An extensive database of good-quality leads makes it much easier to reach genuinely interested people with a product or service. Thus, sales efficiency and time savings are increased. Generating leads also helps in creating a marketing base, which is an effective tool for communication with the audience. In addition, leads facilitate a real assessment of the value of marketing activities – tracking the customer’s fate from marketing campaign to sales gives a chance to find answers which specific activities influenced sales and what is their effectiveness.

Goals and Benefits

As mentioned at the beginning, the ultimate goal of lead generation is to maximize sales efficiency. Before that happens, however, the basic goal must be achieved – building a database of potential customers. It is also associated with the expansion of the brand’s reach, which can be both a goal and a benefit. Anyway, well-generated leads are not only better sales, but also a number of other benefits, including:

  • obtaining valuable information on the management of brand market strategies (including correct and not very beneficial activities used so far),
  • examining the market absorption – finding out what demand is you can count and whether a change of anything in the product or service could increase the potential interest of customers
  • creating the first real contact with the customer and turning it into a healthy relationship with him
  • optimizing the time and costs of acquiring customers by eliminating unnecessary activities, very often alienating potential buyers instead of attracting them


Generation B2B leads are a great tool to increase sales efficiency. It allows you to build a database of potential customers who will actually be interested in the product or service offered, which saves time and money. Thanks to them, you can establish a healthy relationship with the client. Acquiring the right leads significantly increases the chance of a brand’s success. There are many methods of generating leads, of which content marketing is currently the most effective.