Companies operating today are unable to succeed without human capital. Maintaining a good atmosphere is a task that rests with each employee, as well as the management and the employer. For many people, work is a second home, which is why caring for proper relationships is an extremely important task. Good relations should be built not only by individual employees, but also by employees and the company’s management.

How to shape good relations?

Shaping the proper atmosphere in the team is one of the important tasks that managers are responsible for. They are required to behave appropriately towards their subordinates. Managers can be expected to monitor situations in the team and intervene when conflicts arise. It should be remembered that there can be no consent to mobbing, discrimination or harassment. Situations of this type should be reported to superiors immediately. If such behavior is perpetrated by immediate superiors, we must notify the superior who is higher in the hierarchy of the service.

How to prevent conflicts?

Good relations between the management board and employees, but also between individual employees, can be built by following a few very simple rules. First of all, it is important to remember that all employees should be equally burdened with work and tasks to be performed. A step towards good relations is also respecting someone else’s privacy and respecting the common space. Behaviors that are not conducive to building good relationships include slandering colleagues in front of superiors and public criticism of colleagues. Also, management should not publicly criticize individual employees. This type of behavior should not be tolerated in a company whose employees and management want good social relations.

How should a good boss behave?

In relations with employees, you can build really good relationships by adhering to certain rules. Thanks to them, both the boss and employees can be partners for each other. People who perform managerial functions should, above all, be empathetic. A boss who is an employee’s terror will not contribute to the company’s long-term success. Several goals can be achieved with employees who are under the influence of fear, but new employees will have to be recruited very quickly. We mentioned above that public criticism of employees and colleagues is not acceptable. However, you can, and must, publicly praise both colleagues and employees. A good boss who is a professional will not allow himself to treat some employees better than others. A professional boss will hide personal sympathies, he will treat everyone the same way.

Building good relations between the company’s management and employees is a difficult task, but real professionals should not have any problems with it. It takes a bit of goodwill on both sides.


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