Receiving a promotion proposal is the crowning achievement of the employee’s career so far and a clear confirmation of his competences. However, diligence alone is not always enough. When selecting people to be promoted, business owners take into account a number of other features that, in their opinion, may be useful in a higher position. Which are particularly important? You can find out from our guide.


As a rule, promotion is associated with greater responsibility, and often also leading the team. In such a position, skills and leadership qualities are required, and one of them is assertiveness. Paradoxically, employees who do not give way to themselves, have their own opinions and are able to argue them in a factual way, are more valued by employers and have a better chance of being promoted.

Natural need to learn

If the employer sees that the employee does not treat his duties routinely, but tries to improve his own skills, also after working hours, sooner or later he will be offered a promotion. Why? If only for this reason, so as not to lose it and not risk that the employee will sooner be appreciated by a competing company.

Understanding the company’s philosophy

A promotion proposal will always be offered to an employee who is very involved in the company’s affairs and is able to act in its favor. At the same time, he must understand what the company’s values ​​are, show them in, for example, contacts with customers. People who play under themselves, soloists, are not natural candidates for promotion.


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Showing initiative

An employee who has been sitting at his desk throughout his career and humbly fulfills all orders, but has to be pointed at everything, will certainly not receive a promotion offer. On the other hand, people who are creative, ambitious, ahead of the curve, with ideas for the development of the company, can confidently climb up and assume increasingly responsible positions.

Ability to learn from mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone can learn from their mistakes. If the boss sees that an employee has such a skill, he will gradually develop more confidence in him, which will eventually result in a promotion proposal.

Good functioning in the team

A key feature, because promotion is always associated with the need to establish closer contacts with a larger number of people, including decision-makers. An employee who functions well in a team is not conflicting and can climb the career ladder much faster.


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