LMS, or Learning Management System, is a platform and at the same time a strategy, according to which each employee can develop individually and expand their competences, and the employer has direct access to the results of this work.

Advantages of e-learning
Among the offers of various e-learning platforms that are available on the market, the Kogidu platform, released by the Warsaw company Wecreo, attracts attention. Kogidu will transparently guide employees of various departments through an individual path of development and promotion. It is a well-written program that works efficiently and clearly, and has reliable and fast support. The operation is almost intuitive, and the benefits of using the platform are measurable for both the employee and the employer.

E-learning saves time and money. The employee can open another course and expand their knowledge at any time. The platform works in the cloud, so the employee can log in from anywhere, not only while working. The amount of content provided and the manner of its presentation depend solely on the employer. Companies such as Wecreo provide tools in the form of e-learning LMS software, but also help in creating course content for employees at various levels.

How to create a good e-learning course?
A good tool is one thing, but when using e-learning platforms, remember that even the best of them needs a committed user, so the most important thing is motivation. Firstly – the employee must be willing to expand his competences, secondly – he must know how to use the acquired knowledge at work. In order for an employee to develop, they must see sense in it, which is why it is important that the course offer is personalized for an employee of a specific department. The employee is also motivated by the transparency of the system – the vision of the next levels of promotion makes the goal concrete and tangible. Nowadays, a mechanism is used that is significantly called “gamification”. The modern design and creation of e-learning courses gives the participant the feeling that the next courses are like missions that need to be accomplished in order for the next transitions to open. An interesting, but not too complicated formula and clearly defined goals are the key to success.