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First date – how to behave? Advice for men

1. Appearance – wear stylish clothes for the first date with your dream woman. Dress code should emphasize personality and character. If a woman notices that you are dressed appropriately and originally understands that you wanted to impress her with your appearance. Therefore, put an ordinary polo shirt in the wardrobe and replace it with an elegant and fragrant shirt.

2. The right place – the best places for a first date are cafes, which are abundant on promenades and in shopping malls. Avoid overly climatic venues that create an overly romantic atmosphere. It’s the same with gifts. It is not recommended to buy binding gifts for the first date with a woman. While your partner’s reaction may be positive, the end result may be counterproductive – the woman may feel under pressure.

Also, do not forget that you are the one who invites the girl on a date, so you should pay for both of you.

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3. Good conversation position – On the first date, remember not to sit in front of the woman as this is an uncomfortable arrangement. It is the same with sitting at different heights. It is best to place yourself next to the girl, on a sofa or couch, or by placing a chair next to the one on which she is sitting. Moreover, you should sit on the woman’s right side as it will be more comfortable for her to talk and maintain eye contact (provided that she is right-handed, of course).

4. Conversation – the first meeting should be associated positively, so do not start conversations about politics or religion, as a confrontation may arise, and the conversation should be associated with positive emotions for a woman. Additionally, show yourself as an interesting person with a lot of life experience.

5. Touch – during the first meeting, the right touch is important, thanks to which the woman will feel safer and more comfortable. Don’t allow yourself to do too much, just stroke a woman’s hands or hold them down. Be subtle at the same time.

6. Dating Duration – The most appropriate duration for a first date varies from an hour to two. It’s best to end the meeting when you notice that you have intrigued your companion. After that time, say that you have something to do and unfortunately you have to run away. Thanks to this behavior, you will make the woman think about the meeting and about you.

7. Gentleman’s behavior – remember that you should behave like a gentleman, ie open the door for a woman, hang up her coat or offer to escort home. The woman you met will surely appreciate it, because everyone wants to feel like a princess.

What computer mouse? How to choose?

When deciding which computer mouse will work best, the most important thing is to determine its purpose. There are several types of mice, quite a lot of additional functions. This makes a mouse for home or office use very different from a gaming or professional mouse. In the guide, we present the most important features of computer mice. Everything to choose the model best suited to your preferences.

Optical or laser mouse?

In principle, optical and laser mice function similarly, namely based on an optical system that analyzes the emitted light. However, the differences are in the details, so when deciding which computer mouse is best for you, it is worth knowing the types of mice and their methods of operation in the first place. In our guide, we have divided the available rodents into: optical and laser mice, as well as BlueTrack mice.

How does an optical mouse work?

In an optical mouse, light is emitted by an LED. The beam is sent towards the ground, reflects off it and returns to the appropriate sensor, which thus reads the position of the mouse. This technology has many advantages. First of all, we can use the mouse on various surfaces – both smooth and rough. The mouse also has practically no mechanical elements. So it is resistant to dirt and mechanical damage. However, it is not as precise as a laser mouse, but much more affordable.

How does a laser mouse work?

A laser mouse also uses light, but it is emitted by a laser diode. Such a beam of light hits exactly one point, which means it is much more precise. For this reason, laser mice are especially appreciated by people dealing with graphics, engineers, as well as fans of action games and shooters. The disadvantage of laser mice is the need to choose an appropriate substrate. It should be as even, hard, and uniform in color as possible. It is best to provide a suitable washer. Laser mice are also more expensive than classic optical mice.


Our recommendation:

When to choose a wireless mouse?

The advantage of wireless mice is quite obvious. There are no cables getting tangled on the desk. For this reason, wireless models are selected for companies and for basic home applications. They are also purchased for the operation of mobile devices, such as tablets or laptops. If we have a smart TV, a wireless mouse will also be an obvious choice.

A standard wireless mouse most often uses radio communication. This is quite an effective solution, provided that there are no other devices around that could interfere with this type of communication. If this is the case, it will be a better idea to buy a mouse that uses a Bluetooth module.

The disadvantage of wireless mice is the need to replace the batteries or recharge their battery. Wireless mice are also usually a bit heavier than wired mice.

How to promote services and products?


It is commonly believed that effective advertising is expensive. However, there are many relatively cheap, modern promotional tools that allow you to effectively promote your product.

In order for a promotional campaign to be effective, it must reach people who may be future customers. Therefore, in the first place, you should check which communication channels will allow you to reach your target audience. For example, for some companies, a regional campaign will be more effective than a nationwide one. Advertising should be targeted at consumers potentially interested in our product or service. You should check where such people are looking for information and place your ad there.


Today, most people looking for products and services use the Internet first. That is why every company, regardless of the industry, should have at least a small website on the web. Lack of Internet presence has a very negative impact on the customer’s trust in the company. Advertising your company on the web is very effective, however, you should not forget about other tools.


When promoting products, it is often forgotten that packaging can be used for this purpose. Properly designed can significantly affect the sale of the product. A nice label nowadays is in many cases one of the key elements of brand promotion. That is why it is worth using modern solutions such as, for example, sleevelabels or embossing.

Localization services

It is also important that information about the company, products and services is available to customers on localization services. Thanks to them, it is possible to quickly find on a virtual map the place where our products are available. Such a website should also contain important contact information, such as telephone number, address and e-mail. Thanks to such services, the customer can easily not only receive information about the store offering our product, but also determine the fastest route to such a store. Location services make it possible to reach a large group of consumers. It is an effective and inexpensive tool.


Before starting a promotional campaign, you should carefully define the budget to be allocated for this purpose. Thanks to this, you can choose advertising tools tailored not only to our needs, but also to our capabilities. The best results are achieved by the coordinated use of several tools. This allows you to reach a wider group of potential customers with your message. Using a variety of measures makes the ad more credible.


How does SEM work?


Internet advertising comes in many forms. When we want to take advantage of on-line promotion, we can choose the one that will be the most advantageous. SEM is among the most popular types of internet advertising. What does this acronym and how does SEM work?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, i.e. various types of marketing activities based on the use of search engines. Currently, it is most often the Google search engine, as it is the most widely used.

SEM advertising methods The

most popular form of SEM advertising are sponsored link campaigns, for example Google AdWords, which consist in the publication of sponsored content or graphics along with links leading to advertisers’ websites. Such advertising can be found mainly in marked boxes in the search engine, but also on many other websites.

SEM also includes positioning of websites, which, along with optimization, are classified activities, i.e. the user does not see this type of advertisement. SEO, because this is what positioning and optimization are called for short, is based on work focused on bringing the website to the highest position in the search results.

Advertising hitting the bull’s eye The

big advantage of SEM ads is that they are tailored to the needs of Internet users, because they are displayed depending on the keywords entered in the search engine. As a result, the advertising message reaches the most interested customers precisely, which increases its effectiveness.

What’s more, the advantage of sponsored link campaigns and SEO are favorable settlements. For AdWords, you only pay for the clicks on your ad, not for its presentation, and you can set limits on your campaign to stay within your budget. In the case of SEO, can you choose an offer with payment only for effect? then the media agency conducting the activities will only charge a fee upon reaching the agreed position of the party.

When you want SEM advertising to be effective, a media agency is the best choice. Fabryka Marketingu specializes in this field, so if you need help, check out its website. Fabryka Marketingu are experts who will design and implement a campaign tailored to your website in every respect.


How to run a profitable franchise business?


It turns out that entrepreneurs who decided to cooperate in accordance with the franchise model achieve much greater professional success than those who decided to open their own business. We are also glad that franchise networks are in constant development and are becoming more and more popular in our country.

People who want to cooperate with a franchisor with a stable market position will easily find the details of such offers on the web. It is enough to consider the industry in which entrepreneurs would like to develop their professional career.


Who are the franchisors betting on?

Of course, it is not the case that everyone can sign a franchise agreement. Franchisers focus primarily on entrepreneurs with potential. Above all, qualifications and possible experience are important. An additional advantage is the knowledge of the local market and entrepreneurial predispositions. A franchisee should be a great organizer and manager. He must convince the franchisor of the features that will make the next licensed facility a success. The franchisor cannot afford to lose reputation or loss. After all, he worked for many years for a strong position and a positive image.


Moreover, the franchisee must open a business on general terms, consistent with the industry in which the licensed company is to operate. It also needs to have a small financial contribution. The fact that the franchisor provides the equipment, advertising material, and even the assortment, but the financial stability of the franchisee is also important. The partnership agreement provides for financing most of the franchisee’s needs, but the franchisee must also incur some investments.

Franchisees are expected to run a partner outlet according to clearly defined rules. These are determined by the franchisor. It is easy to cite general principles here, for example, taking into account insurance. The cooperation is carried out by running a partner outlet and selling insurance in accordance with established norms and standards. The franchisee also undertakes to acquire new customers.

What does the franchisor offer?

First of all, the whole concept of running a profitable business with a license to represent and offer an already recognizable brand. It is also a chance to access the best offer that? Outperforms? competition. The franchisor usually undertakes to support in the field of marketing activities. It also provides billing systems and cooperation with business partners on favorable terms.


How to maintain good relations between the company’s management and employees?


Companies operating today are unable to succeed without human capital. Maintaining a good atmosphere is a task that rests with each employee, as well as the management and the employer. For many people, work is a second home, which is why caring for proper relationships is an extremely important task. Good relations should be built not only by individual employees, but also by employees and the company’s management.

How to shape good relations?

Shaping the proper atmosphere in the team is one of the important tasks that managers are responsible for. They are required to behave appropriately towards their subordinates. Managers can be expected to monitor situations in the team and intervene when conflicts arise. It should be remembered that there can be no consent to mobbing, discrimination or harassment. Situations of this type should be reported to superiors immediately. If such behavior is perpetrated by immediate superiors, we must notify the superior who is higher in the hierarchy of the service.

How to prevent conflicts?

Good relations between the management board and employees, but also between individual employees, can be built by following a few very simple rules. First of all, it is important to remember that all employees should be equally burdened with work and tasks to be performed. A step towards good relations is also respecting someone else’s privacy and respecting the common space. Behaviors that are not conducive to building good relationships include slandering colleagues in front of superiors and public criticism of colleagues. Also, management should not publicly criticize individual employees. This type of behavior should not be tolerated in a company whose employees and management want good social relations.

How should a good boss behave?

In relations with employees, you can build really good relationships by adhering to certain rules. Thanks to them, both the boss and employees can be partners for each other. People who perform managerial functions should, above all, be empathetic. A boss who is an employee’s terror will not contribute to the company’s long-term success. Several goals can be achieved with employees who are under the influence of fear, but new employees will have to be recruited very quickly. We mentioned above that public criticism of employees and colleagues is not acceptable. However, you can, and must, publicly praise both colleagues and employees. A good boss who is a professional will not allow himself to treat some employees better than others. A professional boss will hide personal sympathies, he will treat everyone the same way.

Building good relations between the company’s management and employees is a difficult task, but real professionals should not have any problems with it. It takes a bit of goodwill on both sides.


What is an SEO audit?


SEO efforts are a must these days. Any company that wants to be successful online must implement optimization strategies on its website. Usually, professional SEO agencies are hired for this purpose. Thanks to them, the whole process is much easier.

The basic step is to conduct an audit. What is it and how to go about it?

What does an SEO audit look like?

The SEO audit examines the website in terms of the requirements and guidelines of Google algorithms. The agency that conducts it focuses on three aspects:

  1. SERP
  2. search results page
  3. content.

Based on the analysis of these elements, a document is generated containing tips on the appropriate SEO strategy.

A properly conducted SEO audit should include a thorough analysis of the situation in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). ? For this purpose, it is best to use online tools such as Google Analytics, Semstorm, Google Search Console, Majestic and Senuto? – advises an expert from theagency in Warsaw MiroMind.

Thanks to them, the customer will receive a thorough analysis of user behavior on the website, incoming links, the accuracy of key phrases or visibility and readability in Google. The generated reports will also provide information about website issues and alerts.

The next step is to examine the page in the search results. It’s mainly about adjusting the meta tags to be friendly to indexing robots, but also to the users themselves. The agency must control this chaos using the available tools. The server itself is also important, as is how the website works on it and what is its vicinity.

The final stage of the audit is the internal analysis of the website, which focuses on its substantive and visual content. The content should include keyword phrases with appropriate density, headers (H1-H6), internal linking, and the URL should be unique (preferably containing the keyword phrase).

Benefits of the audit A

correctly conducted SEO audit has a positive effect on the visibility of the website in the search engine, even without positioning. Thanks to it, the company has a better chance of being successful through greater recognition and, consequently, an increase in the number of customers. But how does an SEO audit affect individual aspects?


UX – User Experience

The introduction of changes included in the report has a positive effect on the user experience visiting the website. UX focuses not only on the visual elements of the website, such as headings, title, descriptions, crumbs, but also on loading speed and responsiveness (mobile version).


Increased traffic on the site The

correct implementation of optimization measures affects traffic from organic search results. Even without introducing positioning strategies, the domain will be visited by more people, and the increase will be constant.


CTR – Click Through RateClick Through

For Increase?? websites are influenced by structural data, i.e. the above-mentioned UX elements. When a domain is SEO friendly and has user-readable information, your CTR increases.

When to do the audit?

There are some ideal times to conduct an audit, not only at the beginning of the website’s existence. One of them is improving its visibility due to competition.

It may happen that some time after implementing the SEO strategy, your website will appear lower than before because another company has made changes to its website. Then it is worth re-auditing and checking if something can be improved.

Refreshing the website after 2-3 years of existence is also a good time for an SEO audit. Algorithms are constantly changing, so customers should be aware that once introduced changes will not bring benefits for several years.

Changing the SEO agency and putting the site under the care of new experts requires re-analysis of the site. In this way, the agency will learn about the changes made so far and will be able to define new optimization goals.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

The total cost of the audit depends on the size of the website, which has a direct impact on the workload of an SEO expert. The popularity of the brand is also important. Specialists will surely be priced much more expensive when optimizing a website owned by a large company than the website of a local boutique.

However, it can be assumed that you will have to pay an average of PLN 500-600 for a standard website on which the agency will spend from 10 to 20 hours.

There is no sense in implementing optimization strategies without conducting an SEO audit. It’s a bit like prescribing a patient’s prescription without testing it first. Actions? Blindly? they will only harm the site, therefore its analysis is essential to improve visibility in search engines.


Micro office in the city center – when is it a good solution?

Microbiuro is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional, spacious office. Due to the smaller area and lower costs, it is an optimal solution for small companies and people who are just starting their business. Why is it worth choosing a microbiome for your company?

Modern office in the center of Wrocław

The rental prices of office premises in Wrocław are very high, therefore the renting of standard, large offices by small companies is often a large cost that they cannot always afford. The situation is different in the case of microbiota, which are so small that they can be rented at a much lower price. What’s more, many of them are already fully equipped, thanks to which the tenant does not have to incur additional costs related to the purchase of the necessary furniture or equipment. It is also worth noting that some small offices have attractive addresses. For example, the spaces offered by IdeaPrestige are located at Plac Solny. Working in the very center of the capital of Lower Silesia creates great opportunities – it is a highly developed location in terms of tourism and guarantees good access from practically every district of Wrocław!

Micro-office – a cost-effective solution for companies

A small, growing company with only a few employees does not need a large space or open space. For such a company, microbiota is the best solution not only because of lower costs. In a small space, colleagues can more easily communicate with each other and help each other in carrying out their daily duties.

Microbiology allows you to create a cozy, even family atmosphere in the company, which is extremely important because it has a positive effect on productivity. Working in favorable conditions and a pleasant atmosphere makes employees achieve better results and are more loyal to the employer.

Why is it worth working in a microcenter?

The main advantages of running a business in a micro office are:

  • lower costs compared to a traditional office,
  • easier communication between all employees, the
  • possibility of constant control of employees’ activities,
  • family atmosphere.

Micro office for four people

The owners of many Polish companies do not employ more than 4 people. A small company does not have to mean worse – the costs of running it are much lower than in the case of large enterprises employing several dozen (or more) employees. As a result, it often happens that small businesses easily and quickly achieve profits. It is with them in mind that the offer of microbiota was created.

A micro office for 4 people in the center of Wrocław is a convenient place to run a small business. Thanks to the lower rental price of such premises, they can also be afforded by entrepreneurs who are just developing their business. Running a company in the very center of Wrocław is associated with great prestige and increases the chances of success.