Own online business tempts many. In an age when shopping is moving to the Internet, it’s worth taking every opportunity to be where your customers already are. See what issues you should consider when starting online sales.

Functional and intuitive platform

This is important both for the buyer and for you as the person serving your business. Online customers are impatient and will not wait for the page with the desired product to open. If there are problems with displaying the content, they will unscrupulously go to the competition. Therefore, in addition to a functional and intuitive platform, a good programmer will be useful to help you make any changes to the code. In search of an honest contractor, check the available IT services on the Zleca.pl website.

A variety of payment options

There are customers who prefer fast online payment through known and trusted operators. However, there are also those who, as a rule, pay only upon delivery. If you care about both, make sure that each of them is able to conveniently pay for their purchases in your online store. Remember that operators usually charge a commission (percentage of the order) of about 2% of the value of the shopping cart.

A large number of photos available and a reliable product description

On the Internet, the customer buys with his eyes – the more so because, in principle, he only has to buy it. Neither the touch nor the smell speaks in favor of your products. So provide them with clear photos. Keep in mind that the option of zooming in or turning the product may be crucial in making the final decision. Share as many product photos as possible to make it easier for customers to purchase and dispel their doubts. A properly prepared product description is also very helpful in marketing activities. It should contain not only the most important features, but also speak the language of benefits. It is best when it is bulleted and its most important phrases are highlighted. Then it is easier to scan the description with your eyesight to catch the key elements of the offer that are of interest to the future buyer.

Discount codes in exchange for subscribing to the newsletter

Attracting customers to a newly opened online store is not that easy. The web is full of new businesses, so you need to make sure you are properly distinguished. An interesting option to start with is subscribing to the newsletter. Anyone who leaves their contact details will be able to receive a discount coupon of a certain amount. Most often, stores give customers a 10% discount to get you started. This is a great method to attract new people to your offer, and for customers – a chance to test the quality of service. It’s also a good idea to add a free sample to each order, such as a cosmetic sachets. Many manufacturers are happy to include them in wholesale orders.