International corporations have always set standards in the field of recruiting employees. They employ and employ the best professionals, pay the best, and therefore have the right to expect above-average skills, including soft skills, from candidates. What does it mean? Often a very unusual way of conducting a recruitment interview. If you are applying for a job with a multinational corporation, such as Facebook, Google or Microsoft, do not be surprised to hear these types of questions.

Is it better to return the perfect project, but late or average, but on time?

This question is already legendary and has been heard by many IBM job applicants. It turns out that the company representative asking them does not expect an answer at all according to the script. It is more important to check whether the candidate has his own opinion and whether he can reasonably argue it.

What pisses you off in our company?

A perverse question that has deep meaning. The interviewer wants to know if you can defend your opinion, if you are not a bland lick, or if you can bring some freshness to the company. This is very important in corporations that, contrary to myths, try not to be fossilized behemoths and want to develop in the direction expected by the market.

Do you think our product could be better?

A difficult and very trick question. If you answer yes, you might offend the entire team of people who worked hard to create the product. If you say that you would not change anything, recruiters may consider you a person without ambition and completely ignorant of what the corporation does. How do I get out of it?


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Answer according to your conscience. Each of your choices must be well argued. If you think a product sucks, simply point out its biggest flaws. If, on the other hand, you think it’s great, suggest new ways to promote it.

What did you learn last week?

This is an insidious question that is very characteristic of the corporate recruitment and team management model. The idea is that employees need to constantly improve their skills. Of course, if you haven’t learned anything specific, you have to improvise. Again, it’s all about reasoning. For example, you can intelligently reply that you have learned how to write a CV that will interest the corporate HR department.

As you can see, an interview in an international corporation does not have to be a boring formality. Prepare yourself for it very conscientiously, and above all try to be yourself. The falsehood will sooner or later come to light, because people recruiting in corporations are usually high-class specialists.


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