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How to verify an Instagram account?


How to verify an Instagram account in 2021? Instagram verified status is on every marketer’s wish list, but not everyone knows how to easily get that little blue badge for their profile.

If you’re wondering how to apply for a blue badge next to your nickname, look no further.

I have the answers you may need.

I analyzed, experimented and researched the best Instagram verification ways and translated them into seven simple steps and lots of tips on how to get a blue badge on your Instagram profile.

In this article, I’ll cover common questions like what is it and how does Instagram verification work, what is the Instagram badge for, and how to apply for account verification

What is Instagram account verification?

Have you seen a little blue badge next to some of your favorite Instagram account names?

This blue symbol (badge) means that the account has been officially verified by Instagram.

This is proof that people, brands or companies with an Instagram verified badge are real and fully authentic.
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Who will be verified on Instagram?

How to Verify an Instagram Account The blue badge is awarded to famous people and brands on Instagram.

It allows you to avoid accounts of scammers and imitators.

Fake accounts can pretend to be well-known and influential social media profiles.

Fraudsters very often use “fake” accounts to deceive careless followers in an illegal manner. Not very nice, huh?

In many cases, these scammers are only annoying, but there are cases where they can have a very negative impact on your brand and image on social media.

This is why Account Verification has been created, confirmed by a blue badge next to the profile name.

You can see it, for example, next to the profile name of the well-known and popular TV presenter Marcelina Zawadzka.

The blue badge that stands out on the profile is actually an Instagram Certificate of Authenticity.

It shows followers that the person or brand behind the account is real and can be trusted.

Do I have a chance to get a blue badge for Instagram?

The short answer is YES.

You can check it on your Instagram account. In fact, anyone can now apply for this type of account verification.

Instagram publicly launched the account verification feature in August 2018, thus facilitating the process of earning blue badges.

So the Instagram verification application is now fully public. Before running this feature, no one really knew what the criteria were.

How Instagram tagged your account with the blue badge has been a mystery until now.

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, this stamp disappeared from various accounts. Also unknown why.

However, the platform has now given us some important tips for the verification process. The mystery of Instagram verification has somehow been resolved.

What are the Instagram verification requirements?

Here are the Instagram requirements to validate your account correctly:

“Account must comply with Community Terms and Conditions, as well as:

  • Authentic: The account must represent an actual person or a registered company or organization.
  • Unique: The account must be the only one owned by the company or person it represents. Only one account per person or company can be verified, with possible exceptions for accounts in multiple languages. We do not verify accounts representing common interests
  • Complete: Account must be public and contain a bio, profile picture, and at least one post. The profile cannot contain “add me” links to other social media.
  • Significant: The account must represent a known, frequently searched person, brand, or entity. We check accounts appearing in various news channels. We do not take into account paid and promotional materials.
  • Please note that if you provide false or misleading information in the verification process, we will remove the verification confirmation stamp from you and may take further steps to delete your account. “