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Are you planning to start your own online store? Check what should be in it


Own online business tempts many. In an age when shopping is moving to the Internet, it’s worth taking every opportunity to be where your customers already are. See what issues you should consider when starting online sales.

Functional and intuitive platform

This is important both for the buyer and for you as the person serving your business. Online customers are impatient and will not wait for the page with the desired product to open. If there are problems with displaying the content, they will unscrupulously go to the competition. Therefore, in addition to a functional and intuitive platform, a good programmer will be useful to help you make any changes to the code. In search of an honest contractor, check the available IT services on the website.

A variety of payment options

There are customers who prefer fast online payment through known and trusted operators. However, there are also those who, as a rule, pay only upon delivery. If you care about both, make sure that each of them is able to conveniently pay for their purchases in your online store. Remember that operators usually charge a commission (percentage of the order) of about 2% of the value of the shopping cart.

A large number of photos available and a reliable product description

On the Internet, the customer buys with his eyes – the more so because, in principle, he only has to buy it. Neither the touch nor the smell speaks in favor of your products. So provide them with clear photos. Keep in mind that the option of zooming in or turning the product may be crucial in making the final decision. Share as many product photos as possible to make it easier for customers to purchase and dispel their doubts. A properly prepared product description is also very helpful in marketing activities. It should contain not only the most important features, but also speak the language of benefits. It is best when it is bulleted and its most important phrases are highlighted. Then it is easier to scan the description with your eyesight to catch the key elements of the offer that are of interest to the future buyer.

Discount codes in exchange for subscribing to the newsletter

Attracting customers to a newly opened online store is not that easy. The web is full of new businesses, so you need to make sure you are properly distinguished. An interesting option to start with is subscribing to the newsletter. Anyone who leaves their contact details will be able to receive a discount coupon of a certain amount. Most often, stores give customers a 10% discount to get you started. This is a great method to attract new people to your offer, and for customers – a chance to test the quality of service. It’s also a good idea to add a free sample to each order, such as a cosmetic sachets. Many manufacturers are happy to include them in wholesale orders.

A good copywriter – how to recognize a professional?

Developing an online business is a challenge worth your time and energy. It is wise to use the help of specialists when doing this. However, before you decide on their services, check what expectations you should have towards the copywriter. Only high-level texts will allow you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. A good copywriter should create effective content. What does it mean? How to recognize a professional?

Correctness – the basis for a good copywriter
It is she who makes the reader read the text without any problems. Grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes are anything that can distract him from the essence or make the text difficult to read. Putting yourself in the role of a client, defining the behavior of the reader, the art of persuasion … All this is used to build a convincing message, but for the whole structure to make sense, you need to take care of little things.

Focus on the merits
The ability to use language flawlessly is not at all obvious. A well-written text is one that will allow the user to focus solely on the content, not the shortcomings. A good copywriter first cares about correctness, and then focuses on the art of persuasion. However, this is not enough to call him a professional. Creating error-free texts is only part of your success. In copywriting, it is equally important …

The style of a good copywriter
It depends on him whether the text will be effective. It is the style that distinguishes a good copywriter from other writers. Advertising texts are created in accordance with the goal you want to achieve through the text: attract the reader’s attention, encourage them to visit the website, read the offer, sell. How is it done?

Receiver in the center
A professional can adjust the style to the target group. For a good copywriter, text is not a field for self-expression. It is fully focused on the tasks that the content is to fulfill. Creates different messages for teenagers and for middle-aged audiences. Uses different arguments in the message for artists and other for programmers. He writes in the language of the recipient and adjusts the difficulty of the text to it. This is the way you get to the potential customer.

What else can a good copywriter do?
The ability to write is undoubtedly the most important aspect you need to consider if you want to use copywriting services. However, you should consider how the service will be performed and whether there will be benefits other than in the form of text.

Fast order execution
Time translates into money and a professional copywriter knows it well. So look for a specialist who sticks to deadlines and has a satisfactory performance. By completing tasks quickly, you can make changes to your site faster. Hence, start doing better now, not tomorrow, in a week or a month.

Texts compliant with SEO principles
It is obvious if we commission a copywriter with typical SEO texts. It is good, however, when it can also optimize the content in which increasing the position in the search engine is not the main goal, but an additional benefit. Currently, in any type of text that is created for business purposes, it is worth taking into account the principles of SEO. A good copywriter will manage to do this completely naturally, without sacrificing the quality and style of the text.

Business meetings – what you should know about their organization

Various types of company meetings are an indispensable element of the functioning of any enterprise. These include both conversations with contractors, as well as courses for employees or events that allow you to combine training with integration activities. A well-thought-out program of this type of event is essential. What else should be considered?

The right place
In order for each participant to take full advantage of the lectures planned as part of a conference or training, it is necessary to organize such events in the appropriate room. It should not only be spacious and well-lit, but also equipped with the necessary audiovisual equipment. Ideally, the room chosen for the meeting will have access to sunlight. In addition, it must be spacious enough to provide comfort to each of the gathered. It is also worth checking the operation of the sound system and projector in advance to make sure that the equipment will not fail in the least expected moment.

Rental of a conference room outside the company’s premises
Not every company can afford training rooms at the company’s premises. In such a situation, it is worth taking advantage of the offer of facilities renting appropriate rooms for various types of conferences or integration events. There are several important factors to consider when making a decision. In addition to the affordable price, you should also consider the size of the rooms available, their equipment and location. That is why it is important to send invitations in advance with a request for confirmation of arrival – thanks to this we will be able to determine how large the room will be necessary. Spacious conference rooms with reliable audiovisual equipment are not only a matter of convenience, but also a matter of the company’s image. Regardless of whether we plan training for employees, a presentation of a product or service entering the market or a conference gathering specialists from a given industry, a well-chosen meeting place will prove our professionalism. In addition to a properly adapted room, let’s also check whether the facility has a parking lot. Easy access will be an additional advantage that should be taken into account when looking for a facility for a company meeting.

Organization of free time
The schedule of conferences and trainings lasting several hours or several days must also include a coffee and lunch break. When organizing a meeting at the company’s headquarters, it will be most sensible to use catering offering good food. When deciding to rent a training room, it is worth choosing a facility whose employees will take care of tasty meals. That is why a proven venue organizing various types of special events will be a good address.

Remote work? Take care of the appropriate IT support in the company

In the era of the coronavirus epidemic, many companies have decided to switch to remote work. It is worth remembering then about appropriate IT support.

Home office, i.e. remote work, allows you to carry out duties from home. Employees then perform their work on computers, connecting with the enterprise, sending relevant documents to it, as well as using the company’s software. In such a situation, proper IT service becomes more important and becomes the basis for maintaining the operational continuity of the company.

What exactly is IT service aimed at business? What solutions does it offer? What importance does it have in the context of remote work?

IT service for companies
The concept of IT service refers to comprehensive activities that focus on the correct operation of the IT infrastructure. In other words, it is IT care, which includes a wide range of services aimed at the proper functioning of the IT area in the company.

IT support can be provided by your own IT department employee, but such a solution is usually too expensive for companies in the SME sector, i.e. micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. That is why outsourcing of IT services is the most frequently chosen one, which allows you to gain access to professional, comprehensive services at affordable prices.

IT outsourcing covers a full range of services that allow the company to focus on its activities. The IT area is then handled by an external company with appropriate knowledge, experience and extensive facilities in this field.

As part of the IT service, the following are available, among others:

creating and managing IT networks
management – server administration
management of IT resources, including databases and devices
implementation and integration of business software
care for security – backups, protection against viruses and attacks
help with problems with computer systems and software
computer hardware service
professional IT consulting
staff training
Of course, IT services for companies also include other types of activities, the scope of which can be tailored individually to the needs of a given company.

E-learning platforms in business

LMS, or Learning Management System, is a platform and at the same time a strategy, according to which each employee can develop individually and expand their competences, and the employer has direct access to the results of this work.

Advantages of e-learning
Among the offers of various e-learning platforms that are available on the market, the Kogidu platform, released by the Warsaw company Wecreo, attracts attention. Kogidu will transparently guide employees of various departments through an individual path of development and promotion. It is a well-written program that works efficiently and clearly, and has reliable and fast support. The operation is almost intuitive, and the benefits of using the platform are measurable for both the employee and the employer.

E-learning saves time and money. The employee can open another course and expand their knowledge at any time. The platform works in the cloud, so the employee can log in from anywhere, not only while working. The amount of content provided and the manner of its presentation depend solely on the employer. Companies such as Wecreo provide tools in the form of e-learning LMS software, but also help in creating course content for employees at various levels.

How to create a good e-learning course?
A good tool is one thing, but when using e-learning platforms, remember that even the best of them needs a committed user, so the most important thing is motivation. Firstly – the employee must be willing to expand his competences, secondly – he must know how to use the acquired knowledge at work. In order for an employee to develop, they must see sense in it, which is why it is important that the course offer is personalized for an employee of a specific department. The employee is also motivated by the transparency of the system – the vision of the next levels of promotion makes the goal concrete and tangible. Nowadays, a mechanism is used that is significantly called “gamification”. The modern design and creation of e-learning courses gives the participant the feeling that the next courses are like missions that need to be accomplished in order for the next transitions to open. An interesting, but not too complicated formula and clearly defined goals are the key to success.

How to effectively interact with the recipient?

Building relationships with customers is a very difficult task. The positive image of the company is based on activities that are very long in time, but it pays off with growing interest on the part of the recipient. One of the roles of Public Relations specialists is to support content marketing activities. What elements will allow you to establish a closer relationship with the consumer?

Building awareness
PR activities, together with marketing, more and more often create a uniform brand promotional strategy. The support of PR professionals is especially useful where brand awareness should be built – we are talking here especially about introducing new products to the market, rebranding, as well as in promotional campaigns. It is worth focusing on content that will attract the attention of the recipient in an unusual way. A good example is the involvement of the user in joint activities, which in itself is a fantastic advertisement for the company and brings its image to the world. In many areas, one can also resort to controversy by making the consumer aware of the dangers of using a specific product or using a service that is generally available.

Storytelling – the art of creating unique content
Today, telling a story about a brand means crossing the set boundaries, unconventional thinking and focusing attention on the recipient. Storytelling is a technique perceived today as one of the most effective methods of reaching the client. Good text does not only contain valuable content. Its potential should make the recipient willing to share the content with others and start discussions. The task of PR specialists is therefore to create a feeling of uniqueness around the company that will be felt by every recipient. Talking about the company’s mission in a completely new, refreshed way will allow you to convince the most distrustful consumers to cooperate.

Strengthening the position of an expert
Content containing valuable information for the customer is considered the most valuable. It is worth turning your knowledge into the driving force of your business. The regular presentation of news, concise reports, and the publication of videos containing the know-how of the company’s operations effectively strengthen the company’s position as an expert in its field. Public Relations specialists are able to efficiently manage such materials, sharing them on social media, company blogs or websites, effectively increasing the company’s reach.

B2b customer acquisition via the Internet

E-commerce and the B2B industry – does it make sense?
The recent crisis has shown that companies that do not use the Internet for their business purposes can easily lose access to regular customers. So let’s draw conclusions from this and start acquiring customers using the Internet as soon as possible.

Which business is worth advertising on the web?
How do b2b customers use the internet?
Benefits of having a strong position on the web
It is not true that only owners of online stores can use such a solution. Nowadays, acquiring business customers by electronic means can be used in virtually every industry, even if the services offered cannot be translated into e-commerce.

Which business is worth advertising on the web?
Initially, online services and store offers were aimed at acquiring B2C customers (i.e. individual customers). The multitude of solutions available on the Internet and the dynamic development of this medium meant that entrepreneurs operating in the business-to-business model, i.e. acquiring transactions in which both parties are business entities, have found their place in it. In 2020, it is difficult to indicate an example of an industry for which online advertising would be unprofitable. There is nothing strange about it, since the vast majority of b2b clients do not like direct contact. Instead, they choose online services that allow them to quickly check current trends, easily find the products or services they need, and compare prices so as not to overpay.

How do b2b customers use the internet?
For companies that have still not decided to acquire business customers through modern activities, it is sometimes difficult to believe how many business entities buy online. It may be surprising, however, that an ordinary website adapted to the resolution of computers may soon turn out to be insufficient. According to a recent study, around 36% of b2b customers surveyed said they would like to shop online using a mobile device. So it turns out that you need not only to start selling and acquire customers via the Internet, but also to adapt the website to mobile devices. Otherwise, there is a high risk that potential B2B customers will take advantage of competitors’ services. A lot of interesting information related to this topic can be found in the article describing B2B customer acquisition via the Internet, which is available on the website of a company specializing in solutions for e-commerce and online business. If you have any questions while reading, feel free to ask experienced specialists right away.

Company development – when is it worth implementing a company management program?


Every business owner wants it to grow dynamically and bring profits. There comes a moment in every company that requires the implementation of solutions that will improve management. How do you know when this is the moment?

To be sure that the company is competitive and is able to meet the expectations of customers, you need to be ready for changes and novelties. A successful company must evolve. This vision is sometimes difficult, especially for entrepreneurs with a conservative approach to management. However, the truth is that this approach would lead the company to the wall, and at some point productivity, efficiency and competitiveness would start to decline.

How to recognize a good time for a change in the company?
In fact, there is no clear answer, because each company has a slightly different specifics of activity, a different policy and approach. The need for development should be common to all enterprises, and its implementation is possible only when the company is well managed. The sooner we realize that this is the key to optimizing all processes, the easier we will achieve business goals. The company management program can be implemented at every stage of its development. The reasons that encourage this are, for example, the intensive development of the company or the lack of consistent coordination and control over processes and resources.

Assuming you have a small business starting up, specialized software can help you organize your work straight away. Thanks to the implementation of the management support system, all processes will be optimized and the risk of errors minimized. If we run a medium-sized enterprise, we probably have an extensive customer base, supplies, goods and we employ a larger group of people. The role of consistent, well-thought-out management and control is growing. An even greater need to support the organization occurs in large production enterprises, factories, companies with several branches. In such cases, coordination and integrated IT solutions are even crucial.

How to choose an ERP system?
Integrated ERP systems are the ideal management software. They can be tailored to the individual needs of the company. They are characterized by complexity – they allow you to manage and control all the company’s resources. The system can easily generate financial reports and analyzes, track production processes, supply chains, process customer databases and information on employees. The system uses one database and the ease of use allows for easy switching between modules.

If we are considering the implementation of an ERP system in our company, it is worth trying it first and only after familiarizing yourself with its functions, decide what it can help us with and what functionalities it should have. Other functions are needed by a shipping company, others will be useful for a real estate or accounting office. The selection of enova365 program functionality may be assisted by an Authorized Partner who, after a business analysis of the enterprise, can easily identify the best solutions and then conduct a free presentation. The intuitiveness of the software is also important.