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What computer mouse? How to choose?

When deciding which computer mouse will work best, the most important thing is to determine its purpose. There are several types of mice, quite a lot of additional functions. This makes a mouse for home or office use very different from a gaming or professional mouse. In the guide, we present the most important features of computer mice. Everything to choose the model best suited to your preferences.

Optical or laser mouse?

In principle, optical and laser mice function similarly, namely based on an optical system that analyzes the emitted light. However, the differences are in the details, so when deciding which computer mouse is best for you, it is worth knowing the types of mice and their methods of operation in the first place. In our guide, we have divided the available rodents into: optical and laser mice, as well as BlueTrack mice.

How does an optical mouse work?

In an optical mouse, light is emitted by an LED. The beam is sent towards the ground, reflects off it and returns to the appropriate sensor, which thus reads the position of the mouse. This technology has many advantages. First of all, we can use the mouse on various surfaces – both smooth and rough. The mouse also has practically no mechanical elements. So it is resistant to dirt and mechanical damage. However, it is not as precise as a laser mouse, but much more affordable.

How does a laser mouse work?

A laser mouse also uses light, but it is emitted by a laser diode. Such a beam of light hits exactly one point, which means it is much more precise. For this reason, laser mice are especially appreciated by people dealing with graphics, engineers, as well as fans of action games and shooters. The disadvantage of laser mice is the need to choose an appropriate substrate. It should be as even, hard, and uniform in color as possible. It is best to provide a suitable washer. Laser mice are also more expensive than classic optical mice.


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When to choose a wireless mouse?

The advantage of wireless mice is quite obvious. There are no cables getting tangled on the desk. For this reason, wireless models are selected for companies and for basic home applications. They are also purchased for the operation of mobile devices, such as tablets or laptops. If we have a smart TV, a wireless mouse will also be an obvious choice.

A standard wireless mouse most often uses radio communication. This is quite an effective solution, provided that there are no other devices around that could interfere with this type of communication. If this is the case, it will be a better idea to buy a mouse that uses a Bluetooth module.

The disadvantage of wireless mice is the need to replace the batteries or recharge their battery. Wireless mice are also usually a bit heavier than wired mice.